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Hong Kong Student Association香港同學會

The Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) is a non-profit organization at the University of Washington in operation since 1984. Although we are under the title, “Hong Kong,” we also represent other Cantonese-speaking regions in China, including Guangzhou and Macau. Our mission is to provide all Cantonese interested individuals a platform for cultural exchange, tradition and heritage sharing, and a home away from home for students. Being known as one of the most established student organization on campus, we look to continue expanding our reach to the greater Pacific Northwest. 於1984年成立的香港同學會是華盛頓大學的非牟利機構。雖然我們名為香港同學會,但我們亦同時代表其他以廣東話為主要語言的地區,例如廣東,澳門。我們的宗旨是推廣和宣揚香港的文化,傳統和習俗,團結以廣東話為主要語言的學生以及提供他們參與社區活動的機會。

About SingCon《歌唱比賽》

SingCon is an annual singing contest held by HKSA. It is the flagship event of HKSA and one of the largest events by size and publicity among the student associations at UW. The event started as a karaoke singing contest, but has grown to a full concert performance, leading to the establishment of the logo name SingCon. SingCon has been expanding rapidly in the past decade, and have successfully grown exponentially in size in the past decade. We look to continue grow in terms of professionalism, and networking, providing a platform for talented young individuals a bridge to the professional entertainment field. 《歌唱比賽》是香港同學會一年一度舉辦的大型且具代表性的活動。此活動源於卡啦OK比賽,後期除著本會的擴展,逐漸演變為更大型,更完善的比賽,並正式以《歌唱比賽》的名義持續進行,比賽什至吸引不同學校的學生慕名而來參加。成為本會的代表活動之一。

Previous SingCon Events比賽回顧

In the past two years of SingCon, over 140 contestants from 10 different schools around Washington state came to our auditions. Only a limited few finalists were chosen to compete at our final concert each year, to perform at the Neptune Theatre in front of a full house of 800 enthusiastic audiences from across the northwest. Our guest performers, international hip-hop artist MC Jin in 2012, and Hong Kong star Jason Chan in 2013 were thoroughly enjoyed by the audiences both years. Their appearances pushed the show to its climax where the past two years of SingCon ended in cheers, applauses, and anticipation. 是次歌唱比賽於2011年一月尾進行預賽,經過評審們的篩選,我們從十三間不同學校的五十四名精英中選出了十位晉級的參賽者,再於四月進行決賽。《歌唱比賽2011》非常的成功,全場爆滿。我們亦於該比賽首次邀請表演嘉賓,2010年台灣歌唱節目超級星光大道的冠軍,閻奕格出席為我們演出。

Future of SingCon展望將來的《歌唱比賽》

In the future, HKSA look to maintain the size, and provide a show of higher quality and professionalism. SingCon’s ultimate goal is to provide a stage for young individuals to showcase their talents, and reach their dreams. We want to host a show that can be called Seattle's own, and empower the youth through art and entertainment. We hope to bring the community closer together by music, and develop more young talents. We encourage all of you to be a part of this wonderful journey of making dreams come true. 對於2012年的《歌唱比賽》,我們致力於籌備一個更大型,更上一層的比賽。我們的目標是使《歌唱比賽》成為一個於西雅圖具代表性的活動,透過音樂與娛樂把市內有潛質的年輕人凝聚在一起。敬請期待今年的歌唱比賽!

HKSA Officers

SingCon 2011

Janice Yan 閻奕格